QLD Auxiliary Firefighters

The Queensland Auxiliary Firefighter Association Inc. (QAFA) is an Incorporated Association managed by a committee of Auxiliary Firefighters.

Auxiliary Firefighters are paid, part-time employees of Queensland Fire & Emergency Services who respond to urban and rural emergency incidents across Queensland.

They undertake professional emergency response training and are required to meet turnout response times.

They leave their jobs, businesses and families to respond in minutes to threats in their local communities.

Queensland Auxiliary Firefighters are ON CALL 24/7

Workplace advice

Providing workplace advice and support across the workplace.

Conflict Intervention

Intervening in various conflict situations e.g. bullying, intimidation etc.

Financial Suppport

Arranging financial support to members during hardship e.g. funerals, medical expenses.

Legal Support

Arranging legal support where appropriate.

News & Information

Providing news & information by Newsletters, Magazines, Website and Facebook.